Dyscovery Magnetics

"Dyscovery Magnetics" is an Innovative Spin-Off Company of MONOLITHOS Ltd., emerging from the successful DysCovery project, specializing in advanced magnetic material manufacturing. Our core operations revolve around the supply and processing of non-hazardous goods, coupled with contracting services in material manufacturing and distribution, specifically focusing on permanent magnets and electromagnetic materials. Aligned with the DysCovery initiative, our start-up is committed to commercializing project outputs by implementing innovative processes for recycling permanent magnets, such as hydrogen-free leaching, solvent extraction technology, and molten salt electrolysis, to create novel materials for commercial markets. Our primary focus lies in the sustainable material production, encompassing Nd metal, NdPr alloys, Sm and Co metals/alloys, and Fe-rich byproducts, driving innovation in magnetic materials towards a greener future.

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