Brian Menell
Brian Menell
Chairman & CEO, TechMet Ltd

Brian Menell is a British/South African businessman with over 25 years’ experience funding, developing and managing mining, energy, trading and agri-industry projects across Africa, Europe and the Americas.

He is the Chairman & CEO of TechMet Limited, a leading metals investment company with a portfolio of assets that responsibly produce, process, and recycle the metals that are critical to building the global energy transition.

TechMet’s portfolio of assets includes lithium extraction from both brine and hard rock sources, nickel and cobalt hydroxide production from laterite ores, vanadium chemical production from industrial waste feedstocks, rare earth production and processing, tin and tungsten mining, lithium-ion battery recycling, and high-performance cathode manufacturing. Brian serves as a Director of a number of TechMet’s investee companies, including: Trinity Metals Ltd., US Vanadium LLC, Brazilian Nickel Ltd. and TechMet-Mercuria AG.

Brian Menell is a member of the Wilson Center Global Advisory Council, a member of the RUSI’s National Security and Net Zero Transition Advisory Board, and serves on the US State Department Clean Energy Resources Advisory Committee (CERAC).

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Add to Calendar 2024-05-15 10:00:00 Europe's Leading Raw Materials Event: The Race to Achieve Energy Security Power sectors worldwide are undergoing a dramatic transformation and are on track to double renewable energy capacity by the end of the decade. This panel discussion will explore the complex supply challenges and cross-industry competition associated with this significant shift and outline strategies for sourcing the needed volumes of raw materials. Rue Bara straat 1751070, Brussels, Belgium, The Egg Conference Centre, Auditorium RAW MATERIALS Europe/Brussels public
The Race to Achieve Energy Security
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David Rose
Chairman & CEO, TechMet Ltd
Venture Partner, Breakthrough Energy Ventures
President for Europe, Central Asia and North Africa region at FLSmidth
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Director, KU Leuven Institute for Sustainable Metals and Minerals
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