Jan-Philipp Mai
Founder and CEO, JPM Silicon

Dr. Jan-Philipp Mai is a pioneer in the field of solar energy, emphasizing sustainable and economical solutions. His work is characterized by a deep commitment to reducing the carbon footprint through innovative technologies. At the core of his achievements is the founding of JPM Silicon GmbH in 2010, a company that stands on a foundational patent for efficient silicon production, a critical component in solar cells. Additionally, Dr. Mai co-founded Solar Materials GmbH in 2021, which is at the forefront of recycling photovoltaic modules, addressing a crucial need in the solar industry for sustainable end-of-life management of solar panels. His ventures contribute significantly to the circular economy, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in renewable energy and resource recovery.

Upcoming Sessions

Add to Calendar 2024-05-16 10:00:00 Europe's Leading Raw Materials Event: A review of recycling strategies to achieve the CRMA’s 15% Minimum Target Prepare for an in-depth exploration of reaching the CRMA minimum target of 15% from domestic recycling by maximizing CRM recovery from WEEE, advancing Permanent Magnet recycling, and tapping into the burgeoning European Solar Panel Recycling Market. Expect a robust discussion on the urgent need to bring order to this evolving industry, given the unprecedented nature of our time. Key areas of focus will include strategies for making new recycling processes, traceability and product design integral to future recycling business models. Rue Bara straat 1751070, Brussels, Belgium, The Egg Conference Centre, Auditorium RAW MATERIALS Europe/Brussels public
A review of recycling strategies to achieve the CRMA’s 15% Minimum Target
Moderated by
David Rose
Founder, Carester
Founder and CEO, JPM Silicon
General Manager at Rönnskär Smelter, Boliden
+1 speaker
Director Product Areas, Stena Recycling Group