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The summit's mission
Changing the way we see, and use, raw materials

The Raw Materials Summit is a call-to-action – a platform – for industry leaders, educators and innovative new talent to share their vision for a sustainable raw materials future. We aim to raise awareness of the critical role of raw materials, exchange knowledge and break down the barriers that delay sustainable value chains. Our Summit offers unique opportunities for investment in an atmosphere designed for collaboration.

We know what needs to be done – the transition to clean energy means changing how we identify, source, use and re-use raw materials. We are all dependent on a sustainable raw materials supply and need to play an active role in the creation and maintenance of a responsible raw materials sector.

The time to commit is now. When we create sustainable raw material sources, we create energy security and enable digital transitions that will boost Europe’s competitive edge. Join us.

The 6th edition of the Raw Materials Summit will feature topics such as:
  • Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA) and its impact
  • Raw Materials Academy and our future workforce
  • Changes to supply, demand and the latest trade policies
  • Electrification through renewables - and nuclear      
  • Heightening mineral security for defense & space     
  • Three nations present minerals investment plans    
  • Looking beyond the EU’s existing strategic ties          
  • Responsible sourcing for the automotive sector      
  • The steel industry’s race to net zero       
  • Reputation management and mineral transparency
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Our curated speaker sessions feature expert discussions on pressing topics like policy, international diversification, sustainability, skills, circular economies, green energy, reputation management, advanced materials and substitutes, tech, finance and more.

Maroš Šefčovič

European Commission Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal, Interinstitutional Relations and Foresight

Iliana Ivanova

European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth

Bernd Schäfer

CEO and Managing Director, EIT RawMaterials

Naaja H. Nathanielsen

Minister of Business, Trade, Mineral Resources, Justice and Gender Equality, Government of Greenland

Sinead Kaufman

Chief Executive, Minerals, Rio Tinto

Eric Dusseux

Venture Partner, Breakthrough Energy Ventures

Ellie Gomes-Callus

Metals and Mining Analyst, BloombergNEF

Simon Weimer

Raw Material Strategy and Risk Management Expert, BMW Group

Walburga Hemetsberger

CEO, SolarPower Europe

Rolf Kuby

Director General, Euromines

Jan Moström


Julia Poliscanova

Senior Director, Transport & Environment
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The Summit is a leading global gathering for the raw materials sector, attracting C-level and senior management participants from industry, government, policy, finance, research, NGOs and academia.
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The village' provides 30+ outstanding raw materials startups with resources, visibility and networking opportunities.
Attend our Summit and meet the up-and-coming talent creating "future-fit" sustainable solutions for a raw materials future.



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  • Strategic Placement – benefit from maximum audience flow in a key location adjacent to the main auditorium
  • Pitch Opportunities – present your business concept to potential investors seeking strategic funding and partnerships
  • Networking – connect with over 1,000 leaders across the entire Raw Materials value chain, spanning from mining to recycling