E-magy B.V.
Advanced materials company that supplies nano-porous silicon for high-energy lithium-ion batteries.

With climate change a key issue in the world today, electrification of mobility is both a necessity and an opportunity. Today's batteries use graphite as the main active anode material, whereas silicon has up to ten times more capacity. Until now, the transition to silicon was hindered because silicon tends to swell and break when being charged.

At E-magy, we supply nano-porous silicon for high-energy silicon-dominant batteries. Our unique speciality silicon ensures 40% higher energy density, is compatible with existing Gigafactory production lines and is ready to be scaled up. Our silicon overcomes the swelling challenge by containing the nanopores' expansion, as validated by ZSW, a leading institute for applied battery research.

Cooperating with leading automotive and battery manufacturers, we empower our clients with our unique silicon material and know-how to bring them winning battery performance. We produce the nano-porous silicon in our state-of-the-art production facility near Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Our team consists of driven, advanced materials specialists with over 20 years of silicon crystallisation experience. We are part of multiple leading European battery associations and consortia that help bring the industry forward. Ultimately, our dream is for everyone to enjoy the benefits of clean, electrically powered mobility.