Phoenix Surowce Sp. z o.o.
Robotized resources recovery for Europe

Phoenix Surowce (eng. Phoenix Resources) is a high-tech engineering company focusing on the application of 100% recovery of Critical Raw Materials and base metals from used computer Hard Disk Drives - HDD, by application of robotics and automation systems.

We have developed a system for the robotized disassembly of Hard Disk Drives that automatically processes the HDD's and segregates the recovered metals and components. We recover complete Neodymium Magnets - Critical Raw Materials and other valuable base metals.

The robotized disassembly process takes care of the WEEE waste in the most environmentally friendly way, and characterizes the lowest carbon footprint of the recycling process. Recovered high-quality and purity materials are: Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Copper, NdBFe magnets, printed circuit boards, and others.

The company also develops other technologies and applications and has strong engineering, automation, AI, vision and development of advanced systems competencies.

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