Walburga Hemetsberger
CEO, SolarPower Europe

Walburga is the Chief Executive Officer of SolarPower Europe. She is responsible for the overall performance of the association. Her previous experience includes her roles as Head of the EU Representation Office at VERBUND for nine years; Advisor of Financial and Capital Markets at The Association of German Public Banks and Association of Public Banks (VΓ–B / EAPB); Competition lawyer at Haarmann Hemmelrath; A Parliamentary Assistant to Austrian MEP and experience in the DG Competition Merger Control Task Force. Walburga has also been a Board Member of Hydrogen Europe. Walburga holds a degree in Law and Business Administration from Leopold-Franzens UniversitΓ€t Innsbruck. She speaks German, English, Dutch and French.

Upcoming Sessions

Add to Calendar 2024-05-15 11:30:00 Europe's Leading Raw Materials Event: Electrification Through Renewables and Nuclear This session will focus on the legal obligations arising from European climate law, which mandates a 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Industry leaders from the solar, wind, fuel cell, and nuclear sectors will share their insights on the anticipated capacity for renewable energy installation by 2030 and the volumes of Critical Raw Materials needed to achieve these goals. Rue Bara straat 1751070, Brussels, Belgium, The Egg Conference Centre, Auditorium RAW MATERIALS https://eitrmsummit.com/europes-leading-raw-materials-event/electrification-through-renewables-and-nuclear Europe/Brussels public
Electrification Through Renewables and Nuclear
Moderated by
David Rose
Policy Director, nucleareurope
Metals and Mining Analyst, BloombergNEF
CEO, WindEurope
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Chairwoman, Chemistry NL
Chief Science Officer, ENGIE
International Copper Association Europe (ICA Europe)
CEO, SolarPower Europe