Empowdering Progress

Powall is a sustainable company that develops next generation nanocoatings for energy applications at scale. This proprietary, continuous gas-phase technology, a game-changer in the protection of powders, plays a big role in the conversion and storage of energy, powering the energy transition in close collaboration with our clients, unlocking their maximum potential. As technology advances, there is a constant need for better performance, lower costs and more sustainable solutions.

Powall nanocoating platform technology applied on battery materials has been demonstrated to significantly improve batteries’ cycle life and usable capacity and reduce internal resistance. Precise deposition of Platinum Group Metals (PGM) improves coated catalyst reactivity and performance for PEM electrolysers and fuel cells and thus reducing the usage of these expensive and scarce raw materials. On top of offering contract R&D services to jointly develop with customers new coatings, we are also offering semi-industrial coating equipment to be installed at customer facilities.

Powall coats powder materials for clients from 12+ countries and continues investing in R&D towards new applications.

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